Emerging Priorities

The opening of the new Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital marks the beginning of an improved level of healthcare in our community. The state-of-the-art healthcare facility includes a cancer clinic, an expanded diagnostic imaging department, 80% single patient rooms, and many more significant advances.

Hospital equipment is also advancing at a rapid pace. New technologies make it easier to diagnose and treat diseases or disorders. At the same time surgeries are becoming less intrusive. These improvements naturally mean faster recovery times.

OTMH’s post-opening equipment list includes numerous critical items that will improve and enhance patient care. In some cases, these items consist of technology that didn’t even exist when the opening day equipment list was created.

To build on the Hospital’s new model of excellence, the Oakville Hospital Foundation is committed to funding three emerging priorities of the Hospital:

  • Diagnostic initiatives that provide better access to early detection and an earlier start to treatment
  • Medical and surgical procedures that offer less invasive treatments and shorten hospital stays for patients
  • Compassionate and leading-edge inpatient care that promotes patient healing

Each of these funding opportunities, from diagnostic to surgical to inpatient care, represents a critical need for OTMH. With your generous support, together we will continue to raise healthcare in Oakville to an even higher level.