Your Donation at Work

Simply put, your donations make our community a healthier place to live and ensure that your family, friends and neighbours have access to high quality healthcare close to home.

Your support helps us fund priority equipment needs for Oakville Hospital. Whether you’re a donor, community event organizer, sponsor, or a volunteer, you are putting essential equipment in the hands of our cargivers. Here are just some examples of equipment that has been recently funded by donors like you:

3T MRI providing higher quality pictures and the ability to image things that were not previousl possible

Wireless fetal monitor to provide important information about the health of a baby during labour and can identify complications before they become serious

ECG machine to measure the activity of a patient’s heart over a period of time

Infant resuscitation and warmer unit to provide neonatal resuscitation therapy to high-risk newborns

Echocardiography machine that captures 3D images of the heart using less invasive technology

Blanket warming cabinets to provide patients with heated blankets and much needed comfort

Operating tables that will be used to perform urgent surgeries

Electric beds that provide patient comfort in multiple positions and technology for two-way speech communications between nurses and patients

Physiological monitors that will help doctors monitor patients who are in critical condition

Glidescope handle that will assist ER doctors as they intubate patients in urgent need of care